Fitness Junky Panama City Beach, FL

Competition Flat Bench
Competition Combo Squat Rack
Texas Deadlift Bars
Texas Squat Bars
Texas Bench bars
3 Olympic Deadlift Platforms

8 Station Cable Trainer Rig
Reloaded Glute Bridge
Reloaded Lever Row
Reloaded Tricep Kickback Dip
Reloaded Flat Row
Pendulum Squat
Standing Lateral Raise
High Back Pulldown

Leg Extension
Seated Hamtractor


Pin Loaded Leg Extension
Pin Loaded Leg Curl
Olympic Flat Bench
Plate Loaded Lat Pullover

8 station cable rig
Plate loaded Incline chest press
Plate loaded Abdominal crunch
Pull-up/Dip Assist
Plate loaded Glute brigade
Pin loaded Hip/Glute platform
Plate loaded Glute kickback
Pin loaded Seated leg curl

2700 lb's of competition Kilo Plates - New!!!
Plate Loaded Reverse Hyper
Monster Power Rack
2 Power Rack Plate Loaded Squat
2 Dip Stations
Kettlebell Station 10-100 pounds
2 Rack Pull Stations
Flying Pull Up Station

Hack Squat
Leg Press
Seated Calf
Diverging Seated Row
Cable Seated Row
Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown
Plate loaded Seated Row
Plate loaded Seated Decline Press
Plate Loaded Perfect Squat
Plate Loaded Lunge
Plate Loaded Arm Curl
Pin Loaded Arm Curl
Plate Loaded Military Shoulder Press
Plate Loaded Shoulder Press
Pin Loaded Pec Dec
Plate Loaded Incline Press
Pin Loaded Converging Shoulder Press
Pin Loaded Converging Chest Press
Pin Loaded Assisted Pull Up
Plate loaded Flat Benches
Plate Loaded Incline Benches
Plate Loaded Decline Benches
2 Station Multi Cable
Plate Loaded Free Squat Stations
Plate Loaded Smith Machine

Pin Loaded Leg Extension
Pin Loaded Hip Abduction
Pin Loaded Hip Adduction
Pin Loaded Prone Leg Curl
Plate Loaded T-Bar Row
Pin Loaded Dual Axis Pull Down


Pin Loaded Seated Vertical Pec Dec
Pin Loaded Overhead Tricep Extension
Pin Loaded Lateral Raise


Plate Loaded Angled Leg Press
Plate Loaded Assisted Lunge
Plate Loaded Smith Machine

Pin Loaded Standing Leg Curl
Pin Loaded Donkey Calf Raise
Pin Loaded Triceps Extension


Plate Loaded Belt Squat
Plate Loaded Multiple Angle Shrug


  Weight range from 5lbs to 150lbs

Multifunctional Equipment 

  Olympic deadlift platform

  22 Medicine balls from 6lbs to 30lbs

  Plate Loaded Sled

  Plate Loaded tank

  2 Tractor Tires

  Stationary Tire Flip 160-240lbs

  Jacobs Ladder

  Weighted Body Bars 12-30lbs

  13 Jump Boxes

  Sissy Squats

  Stability Balls

  Resistant Bands

2 Outslayer 100lb MMA Heavy Bags - NEW!!!


Cardio Equipment 




  Stationary Bikes

  Stair Steppers


Standing glute abductor
Standing hip thrust